About Us

The SSSPG is a group of Solicitors who value their role as a sole practitioner:-

  • The group is affiliated to the Law Society’s nationwide Sole Practitioners Group.
  • We have one-to-one contact with the client.
  • The client always knows that they will deal with the same person who is a fully qualified Solicitor.
  • We each have our own specialisms.
  • Within the group we cover most areas of the law.

We meet regularly to increase our legal knowledge and network with like-minded colleagues for the benefit of our clients.  This enables us to keep up to date with the ongoing changes in the legal world.  We benefit from our local connections in all sectors.

If your local specialist Solicitor is unable to help with your specific query, we are able to refer you through our network to one of our colleagues within the group who should be able to assist.

One common thread we share is that we each run our own businesses.  We therefore encounter and understand the same kind of problems that many of you may experience on a day-to-day basis.

We live in the real world with you.